Being a lawyer is not an easy job, but it is definitely very well paid, so pay attention to our list of 6 types of lawyers that make the most money. Although this job may also be very exhausting; sometimes you may work very long hours without a break, it is worth it. Lawyers are one of the most respected professions, and people will definitely admire you when you say that you are a lawyer. This list is going to be useful also for those people who would like to learn more about the types of lawyers. When you are not into that field, your knowledge is limited, and it is always useful to learn something you. However, it is important to note that in this context, we refer to lawyers who are actual attorneys, who have passed the bar exam and can handle the legal issues on the court. So, let us start.

  1. Criminal Lawyer

Obviously, if you are a criminal lawyer, your job is to handle criminal charges, both related to individuals and companies. Investigating the cases and interviewing witnesses are some of the main tasks, and these lawyers are paid on average $51,810 annually. You need to be very creative and to have a very well developed critical thinking for this purpose!

  1. Family Lawyer

When talking about the family law, one must be aware that this is a really broad field and that family lawyers may do with so many things. These tasks may include custody arrangements, adoption, child support, child custody, prenuptial agreements, divorce, domestic abuse, and many other areas. Their average annual salary is $70,828.

  1. Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate law is also a very well paid field of law, and real estate lawyers are expected to earn up to $90,125 annually. Their main task is to assist the clients in numerous cases that deal with commercial and residential real estate. This field of law also deals with issues such as property development, neighbors, tenants, zoning and other similar things that can fall under the umbrella of real estates.

  1. Corporate Lawyer

As the name itself implies, corporate lawyer deal with companies, handling their issues, and they can expect to be paid on average $98,823 annually. These lawyers may deal with the variety of things, such as formulating contracts, advising companies, taking care of the legal side of their business transactions, and also dealing with taxation.

  1. Patent Lawyer

Patent lawyers may work both with companies and with individuals, and in short, their job is to analyze whether a certain invention is eligible to be proclaimed as a patent or not. For that purpose, they may be paid up to $129,500 annually.

  1. Medical Lawyer

This field of law is definitely perfect for those who want to combine medicine and legal issues. In short, medical lawyers work with medical professionals to build case theories, interview expert witnesses and eventually gather and analyze medical records. Believe it or not, this type of lawyers make the most money, taking into consideration that their average annual salary is up to $150,881.

Now that you have learned at least 6 types of lawyers that make the most money, which field of law would you choose? Think about it!

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